Tom Mills is a singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist from Cape Breton who has been involved in the local music scene for over 30+ years. While playing halls and pubs all over the Island in many cover bands through the 80’s and 90’s, Tom began writing original material and recording around 2007 with a band called The Mizzen Men “Folk Songs & Sea Shanties”. Songs like “Steel Winds” and “That Maritime Song” were recorded on that project and garnished a fair amount of airplay on local radio stations in Cape Breton.

Following that up, Tom recorded a new CD in 2012 “Crossin That Bridge” with his roots band Wills Addiction ( featuring such original songs as “The Old Wishing Well”, “The Giant Fiddle”, and “Crossin That Bridge”. One song on the album “I Like Girls” was featured in the soundtrack for a local Comedy Horror Flick “The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger”. With hard driving rock riffs and satirical lyrics that poke fun at the 80’s, the movie was written and directed by Brad Mills ( and filmed by his sister Jacquelyn Mills (, both born and raised in Cape Breton (Tom’s children).

Tom is still actively writing, recording, and playing various pubs and festivals around the Maritimes. He just released a self-titled open-tuning instrumental CD for guitar in 2017 entitled “Full Strings Ahead”.

Favorite Artists:

  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Tony McManus
  • Erik Mongrain
  • Don Ross
  • Tony Rice
  • Tim O’Brien
  • Stan Rogers
  • Dave Gunning
  • John Allan Cameron

For bookings or sales contact Tom at or phone 902.304.1302